GRhino Othello/Reversi Program
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Screen Shots

Screen Shots of GRhino 0.15.1

The screen shot of GRhino 0.15.1 with more buttons on toolbar, choosing small toolbar icon, and no text below icon.

Screen shot, version 0.15.1

Game history window showing all previous moves. Clicking on any move display the game board at that stage.

Screen shot, game history, version 0.15.1

Opening game file from GGS. Note that the text in the Result field varies depending on the game file format.

Screen shot, game list, version 0.15.1

Screen Shots of Ancient Versions

Version 0.10.0

The screen shot of main window showing small board graphics, board border and a new toolbar.

Screen shot, version 0.10.0

Version 0.9.0

The screen shot of GRhino 0.9.0 under GNOME 2.

Screen shot, version 0.9.0

And the preference dialog box.

Screen shot, preference, version 0.9.0

Version 0.1.0

This version featuring a new status bar!
Screen shot, version 0.1.0

Version 0.0.0

The first version released.
Screen shot, version 0.0.0

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