GRhino Othello/Reversi Program
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Other Othello/Reversi Programs

These are ideal programs if you find GRhino too tough to beat :) You can also find some that come with GNOME and KDE themselves. Playing these however won't teach you how to become a strong player.

 - QtHello - An Othello program written in Qt.
 - Desdemona - This is a small Othello game using GTK.
 - Gothello - Another Othello game using GTK.
 - Console Othello - This is an Othello-style board game running on a text console.

These are strong Othello programs. Depends on the AI settings, they can be much tougher than GRhino due to the lack of game search speedups like multi prob-cut in GRhino.

 - Snail (text mode) and Turtle (X11)
 - Darwersi - AI is based on a genetic algorithm.
 - LZebra - The Linux port of WZebra.
 - Edax (text mode)

You can also find a rather comprehensive list of programs for many platforms at Inventory of the Othello and Reversi programs.

Othello Program Internal

 - This can be found at Gunnar's Othello page.

Othello Strategy Guide

 - Othello: An Introduction to Strategy and Tactics by Colin Springer.
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