GRhino Othello/Reversi Program
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Current version is 0.16.1. Only some of the features planned for version 1.0.0 are implemented. The interim AI should be challenging enough for average players. You can see the list of changes between versions of GRhino here.

This program requires GTK+ 2, GNOME 2, and Pthreads libraries and headers installed. You also need a decent C++ compiler to build GRhino. About 35MB of available RAM is needed by GRhino while running.

Download grhino-0.16.1.tar.gz

For those with GTK+ and GNOME version 1, you can use the older GRhino 0.9.0.

Download grhino-0.9.0.tar.gz

Older versions can be download from here.

Ports of GRhino to Various Platforms

Users of various platforms below are suggested to use the ported version so that files are installed in the location according to the platform convention. Additional features like uninstallation may also be available too.
 - A YOPY porting guide containing GRhino as an example.
 - A Mac OS X port of GRhino at Fink.
 - FreeBSD FreshPorts.
 - NetBSD port.
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